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For your convenience, Bilyana Simeonova & Associates Law Office provides ON-LINE advising on issues set forth by you in the appropriate form. If you want to submit your request online, please complete the following feedback form:

Written advice is given in English and German language only!

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How to submit my request?
Lay down your inquiry accurately and succinctly; set forth at least the following information:

1. The subject-matter of the issued in dates and facts without adding comments of yours.

2. Who are the parties affected by the subject-matter?

З. What documents do you have at your disposal?

4. Have you undertaken any measures on the issue, and if so, what?

What the ON –LINE consulting consists in?

We can give you a general and guiding response to a question of legal nature, helping you to orient as to: whether your issue is of civil legal nature; what would be the general steps that should be taken to resolve it; what would be roughly the cost and fees; whether the problem in question is within our competence. When will you receive an answer? Whether your matter will be given consideration and discussed at the earliest opportunity and you will get a reply to the email indicated within a week at the latest.

ADVICE: If you send an email to the lawyer by making use of this service, your email shall not establish a client-lawyer link and you will not be treated as a privileged or confidential.

Do not send confidential or personal information via this email service. The lawyer you have addressed to may not accept to engage in work for you. Moreover, the internet is not completely secure environment and it is possible for your email to be intercepted and read by third parties.