Law Office Bilyana Simeonova & Associates provides services related to incorporation of all types of Bulgarian companies, i.e. ЕТ, ООD, ЕООD, АD, СD, КDА (sole proprietorship, Ltd, LLC, JSC, LPs), NPO and foundations. Procuring further amendments/ changes to business companies files. Transforming. Liquidation procedure. Striking a company off the Company Register.

Receivables collection and enforcement procedures

• Representation and mediation in collecting receivables
• Negotiations aimed at debts recovery
• Mediation in commercial disputes on outstanding liabilities
• Representation in legal proceedings under enforcement order against a debtor
• Representation in claim proceedings
• Representation in enforcement proceedings on fulfillment of obligations and receivables collection
• Representation in execution of interlocutory proceedings to secure future claim, foreclosure and attachment of accounts

Marriage agreement

Marriage agreement is a written agreement between future and / or current spouses, i.e. a marriage agreement can be executed even after a couple gets married. It regulates property relations both during and upon dissolution of marriage, at that in a manner chosen by both spouses.

Bilyana Simeonova & Associates Law Office is specialized in drafting marriage agreements, notarization and registration of such agreements, according to Law.

Divorce case

Bilyana Simeonova & Associates Law Office offers consulting and procedural legal representation in:
• Divorce by mutual agreement and according to general claim procedure;
• Claims to property upon a divorce;
• Claims for a greater share of the matrimonial property;
• Determining initial alimony award, as well as its collection under enforcement order;
• Parental rights/child custody disputes;
• Parents-children personal visitation plans;
• Parent’s consent replacement on a court order, if you plan to leave the country/travel abroad with the child;
• Restriction and deprivation of parental rights in the cases provided for by the law;
• Establishing or contesting a child’s parentage – contesting paternity, acknowledgement of paternity, actions for establishing paternity;
• Child’s complete and incomplete adoption;
• Cases aimed at increasing the initially adjudged alimony.

Law of Succession

Bilyana Simeonova & Associates Law Office specializes in representing clients in the field of the Law of Succession. Relying on professional experience and legal knowledge, we apply a specific approach to each particular case by giving it special consideration in order to find the most effective protection of your rights and legal interests.
We offer consulting, preparation of documents and court appearance in:
• Distribution of the inheritance in a legal succession depending on the manner in which the property is acquired from the legator;
• Accepting or refusing a succession;
• Will preparation;
• Cases on abatement of testamentary dispositions and donation contracts where the statutory compulsory right of inheritance has been breached;
• Partition of a succession – in court and out of court.

Domestic violence

Honoring the principles of confidentiality and clients’ interests protection we offer:
• Legal aid and counseling;
• Preparation of all the necessary documents relating to implementation of protection under the Domestic Violence Act;
• Court representation before judicial authorities.

Real Estates

• Counseling on movable and immoveable property matters in the acquisition and disposal of any kind of property;
• Preparation of preliminary and final contracts and agreements, notary deeds and other instruments;
• Legal aid and advice in carrying out the necessary procedures subsequent to court representation in civil cases before all courts in disputes concerning ownership and other limited proprietary rights.

Drafting of contracts

• Counseling in connection with the planned execution of contracts under the civil and commercial law;
• Drafting of contracts and agreements under the Contracts and Obligations Act- Sale/Purchase Contract; Service Performance Agreement; Loan/Lease, Donation, Rent/Tenancy Agreement etc.;
• Assistance in willful and amicable settlement of contractual relations, conducting negotiations aimed at reaching agreements on them.
• Advice on legal transactions relating to the acquisition and disposition of real estate;
• Verification and analysis of available documents;
• Preparation of preliminary and final contract for the transfer of title;
• Providing assistance with the formalities before a notary, state bodies and local administration authorities, when necessary..

Foreign citizens

All of our international clients are offered competent legal assistance in the domain of residence permits. In this connection, we provide consulting on all matters and requirements of Bulgarian legislation related to visas and permits for temporary or permanent residence in the country.
• Residence permit
• Bulgarian citizenship acquisition

Subscription Legal Service

For the sake of convenience, with a view to the overall performance of business companies, Bilyana Simeonova & Partners Law Office offers a subscription service contract. We provide highly qualified legal services to Bulgarian and foreign private persons and corporate entities for a monthly subscription fee. Subscription form of legal service features providing a full range of legal support required in the course the normal business activity of the client for a set period of time, resolving suddenly emerged legal issues as well.
The lawyer becomes familiar with important details of the clients’ activity and the relevant regulations; at that, relations of mutual trust and confidence between the lawyer and the client are established; and last but not least, the subscription legal services cost is less than that you will have to pay for a permanently employed legal adviser or a state lawyer in each particular case.
Subscription fee shall be agreed upon by the parties, taking into account the estimated and the actual workload. Such a form of legal assistance can be conducted through communications and written consultations, preparation of documents, participation in negotiations, etc.