• Counseling on civil legal matters
• Representation in legal proceedings and legal defense before all courts in the conduct of civil cases.
• Representation in enforcement proceedings.
• Subscription legal service to business companies
• Drafting of notary deeds, powers of attorney, certificates, invitations and rendering assistance in the procedures carried out before a notary.
• Preparation of contracts: immovable property lease contract, loan, lease, credit, mortgage contracts etc.
• Incorporation, transformation and termination of civil corporations, foundations, NPOs.


• Representation in legal proceedings in commercial law cases before any courts.
• Incorporation, transformation and termination of trade companies and proprietorships.
• Transactions with commercial enterprises.
• Legal representation in insolvency/bankruptcy proceedings.
• Drafting of contracts under the Commercial Law and legal counseling on commercial transactions. Assistance in executing real estate transactions, securities, leasing transactions, contracts for carriage, sales, commissions and distribution agreements, mediation agreements, franchising and others.
• Counseling on bank transactions.
• Preparation of securities and guarantees under commercial contracts, mortgages and registered pledges.
• Preparing Tender documentation.
• Liquidation of companies and cooperative businesses.


• Divorce by mutual consent and under the general claim procedure;
• Claims under the Property law regarding title after divorce;
• Claims for a greater share of the matrimonial property;
• Determining initial alimony award, as well as its collection under enforcement order;
• Parental rights/child custody disputes;
• Parents-children personal visitation plans;
• Parent’s consent replacement on a court order, if you plan to leave the country/travel abroad with the child;
• Restriction and deprivation of parental rights in the cases provided for by the law;
• Establishing or contesting a child’s parentage – contesting paternity, acknowledgement of paternity, actions for establishing paternity;
Child’s complete and incomplete adoption;
• Cases aimed at increasing the initially adjudged alimony.


• Partition of a succession – in court and out of court.
• Cases on abatement of testamentary dispositions and donation contracts where the statutory compulsory right of inheritance has been breached;
• Distribution of the inheritance in a legal succession depending on the manner in which the property is acquired from the legator;
• Accepting or refusing a succession;
• Will preparation;


• Legal representation in proceedings before all courts in disputes under the Civil Law concerning ownership and other limited proprietary rights.
• Counseling on property matters in the acquisition of movable and immoveable property.
• Preparation of preliminary and final contracts, deeds and other documents in the acquisition of property or real rights over property.


• Counseling individuals and firms on labor and employment legal issues
• Preparation of employment contracts and job descriptions
• Counseling on collective bargaining agreements and accords
• Representation in legal proceedings before a court in labour disputes relating to dismissal, layoff, compensations and disputes under collective agreements.


• Initial information relating to legal, political and economic conditions that would affect the particular foreign investment
• Choosing the proper legal and tax structure
• Company incorporation and registration
• Joint enterprises
• Reorganisation, merger, acquisition of companies
• Legal analysis and detailed study of all relevant aspects of the investment
• Negotiations
• Preparation of draft documentation
• Real Estates transactions
• Ongoing counseling of the relevant corporate structures